Inis Oirr Perform ‘Concert Style’ at the British Club, Abu Dhabi

On Thursday 15th October, Inis Oirr played their first concert gig since the summer holidays, on a newly organised stage at The Club, Abu Dhabi for a large expatriate audience. A number of people commented on tunes, airs and songs played, the clarity of sound and nice atmosphere.Inis Oirr on Stage at The British Club-Abu Dhabi

Mick sang ‘The Devil and the Widow” which received a great reception from the people who were listening carefully to the words! Fiodhna, Marianne and Ged all played solos during the gig. Fiodhna played a slow version of ‘The Foggy Dew’ on low whistle, accompanied by Mick on guitar and Padraig on keyboard. Ged joined in the second time round with lovely harmony notes. Marianne played a Scottish selection on the fiddle and Ged played a selection of jigs on the banjo. This added a new dimension to Inis Oirr’s repertoire.

A big thanks to Steve and all in the club for making such improvements to the venue.