Maurice O’Callaghan of Destiny Films and Publishing reviews Fíodhna’s playing of ‘Easter Snow’

The Lords Burning Rain Poster


“As a fine traditional player and composer of airs, Fíodhna Gardiner brings a new, classical freshness to great traditional airs. Her version of ‘Easter Snow’ on low whistle, amplified by button accordion, strings and guitar provides the perfect closing coda to the film ‘The Lord’s Burning Rain’, about a teenage boy’s journey of discovery. The boy is given the task of riding a newly purchased horse home through the beautiful Sheha mountains of West Cork in 1960’s Ireland, and on his way he has many strange encounters, including a tryst with a Didoesque tinker woman, a broken down Protestant farmer who gives him poteen, causing him to hallucinate and imagine himself observing some major battle scenes from Ireland’s War of Independence in which his father took part. The final haunting strains of Fíodhna’s ‘Easter Snow’, playing over images of the boy’s long dead mother, strike a deep chord of human longing.”


Maurice O’Callaghan – Director, Destiny Films and Publishing